Hursley Summit 2020

Other Offerings

We know that you love the Hursley Summit events, and the opportunity to meet with the technical experts from our IBM labs. In addition to the virtual events, our team of experts are available and also offering other opportunities to engage outside of the main event dates:


Webinar electives

Wonder how IBM Cloud Paks can help you address today‚Äôs pressing challenges? Our webinar sessions with our top IBM architects and executives will offer exploration of the newest technology that IBM has to offer, best practices and insights to get you started, and new features and advanced capabilities to enable you to refine your strategic plans. MORE


1:1 Meetings

Immerse yourself in deeper, technical conversations, demos and workshops with our experts. Work together to solve your business challenges, and answer your questions. We will tailor an agenda to suit your needs, and provide you access to the right people to help solve your questions. Contact us at to arrange.


Technical Advocates

Imagine having an IBM technical contact who you can talk to about your business challenges. Someone who knows the technology and with a network of contacts across the world. And who won't charge you for the privilege. If you would like a longer term partnership that will deepen your insight into IBM technical capabilities, we can put you in touch with developers, technical leaders and executives from IBM's development labs. Contact us at to arrange.

Contact Us

For more information, please contact your IBM sales rep, or the Hursley Summit team at 

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